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Stainless steel drain gutters grate gutters

Stainless steel drain gutters grate gutters

Polymer Concrete gutters drain grates

Polymer Concrete gutters drain grates

Concrete gutters drain grates

Concrete gutters drain grates

Plastic gutters drain grates

Plastic gutters drain grates


Grid channels from Diederen Drainage technology for the best results

A good drainage system is essential both indoors and outdoors. Such a system ensures that surplus water is drained away in a neat way and thus cannot cause any damage to the environment. It makes no difference whether it is a bathroom or a busy shopping street. The high-quality drainage channels from Diederen Afwateringstechniek come in various types, sizes and designs. For example, you can choose from drain gutters from various top brands such as ACO and Hauraton , drain gutters , line gutters, grate gutters and trench gutters . Each of them has their own advantages and qualities. There are grate gutters that are specifically suitable for the rapid and reliable drainage of rainwater and gutters that have been specially developed for draining shower water, among other things. Due to the fact that each form of drainage requires its own specifications, the various drainage channels are made from different materials. That way you can always count on the right drain in the right place.

The operation of our grate gutters

The grate gutters from Diederen Afwateringstechniek consist of a combination of a drain gutter with a sturdy and walkable grate above it. The presence of the grid prevents waste other than water from ending up in the gutter and the drainage of this water is blocked. The excess dirt can easily be removed in this way and the waste water can flow unimpeded to the drain. The grate gutters are easy to connect to each other and can be built entirely into the floor or pavement. To prevent dangerous situations from occurring when walking on the shelves, they can be fitted with an anti-slip profile. This is very useful in professional kitchens, among other things. At Diederen Afwateringstechniek there is a choice of grids in various sizes and designs, so that a suitable variant for the application is always found.

Our grate gutters are available in various materials

In some cases, a plastic grid gutter or concrete drain gutter is the best choice. In other cases it is best to opt for an ACO grate gutter or for stainless steel grate gutters. The ACO grate gutter is made of polymer concrete and can be supplied with an edge profile of cast iron, stainless steel or galvanized steel. Whatever the choice is, it is good to know that at Diederen Afwateringstechniek almost all variants are directly available from stock. To make sure that enough copies of the desired drainage channels can be delivered, it is advisable to contact us. This way, people never fish behind the net and immediately start making the location safer by installing a good drainage system.

Drainage gutters in multiple versions

No drainage job is the same, so you can choose from drainage gutters with grids in multiple versions. This includes grids with a grid in the width direction or, conversely, in the longitudinal direction. There are also grids with a large grid and smaller drainage holes. The number and size of the openings in the grate also determine the speed at which the water is drained. It is therefore wise to take this into account when designing and ordering. Of course, the experts at Diederen Afwateringstechniek are always ready to advise on the most suitable drain for the situation.

Grate gutter garden for better drainage after rainfall

Our gardens are increasingly being provided with beautiful tiles. This brings the advantage of very easy maintenance. In the event of a heavy rain shower, however, the water will stay a lot longer this way. The tiling prevents a lot of water from penetrating into the substrate of the garden and can run away. To prevent the garden from being left blank, we recommend ordering a grid gutter and placing it in a lower location in the garden. Rainwater can be drained quickly and the garden can be put back into use sooner when the weather is dry. We have different drainage models that are extremely suitable for the garden.

Order suitable grate trays from Diederen Afwateringstechniek

Once the desired grate gutters have been found, they can be ordered very easily via the website. You can also go here to request a quote. The quotation is delivered in 1 to 2 working days and indicates exactly what the chosen drainage channels and the desired number of copies and connecting pieces will cost. In this way, calculating the total cost price of the drainage system becomes very easy.

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