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Grease separators with CE approval

As an importer of high-quality separators, we deliver a complete and CE certified separator program. Grease traps, Grease traps, Grease traps and Sludge traps. Call for free advice +31 (0) 40-2066240

Fat separator, Fat pit, Fat trap

We offer you a complete and certified separator program with CE certification. All our separators meet the European standard NEN EN 1825. In this way you are assured of functional and sustainable products with proven performance and reliability. If desired, we will make the required capacity calculation for you, of course completely FREE!

Separators for all applications

We supply the right separator for every application. This way we always offer the best drainage solution. Deliverable from stock quickly and almost always. We supply the following types of separators:

  • Fat separators (or fat wells, fat traps) to separate sludge, food waste and fat. These separators are suitable for kitchens of restaurants, snack bars, hotels, care homes, hospitals (company) canteens, (pastry) bakeries, butcher shops and the food industry.
  • Control / sampling wells
  • Sludge pits

The Diederen grease traps meet the European standard NEN EN 1825.

In addition to the fat separators, we also supply accessories such as alarm systems that warn you when the maximum fat collection and / or back-up in the fat separator has been achieved.

Grease separator

Animal and vegetable fats, oils and sludge in the sewer can have nasty consequences. This way, the sewer system can become clogged, with all its consequences. Cleaning a sewer again costs a lot of money and if grease and sludge keeps coming in, the problem of clogging keeps coming back. It is therefore necessary to prevent this. This is especially important in areas where kitchens are used extensively, such as restaurants, care homes, butchers, schools and swimming pools. It is even legally established in the Environmental Management Activities Decree that certain branches must separate their waste water from fats and sludge. This can be done by installing a fat separator.

How does a fat separator work?

The operation of the fat separator is fairly easy. The effect is based on gravity. The waste water that is drained from, for example, a kitchen, ends up in the separator. This separator can sit in the ground, but there are also fat separators that have a free arrangement in a basement or other space in the building. The heavier parts of the fat and oils will sink to the bottom and form a layer of sludge. Fat itself has a lower density than water so that will float to the surface and solidify. The water is then drained to the sewer via the outlet of the separator. Not much can go wrong during this separation process. However, after a while the layer of sludge and the layer of fat will come closer together. There is almost no room left for the water and the flow will be much slower. This is the sign that the separator must be cleaned. A separator can consist of different materials. If you need a large separator built in the ground, it is advisable to use one made of concrete or polyethylene (PE). Diederen Drainage technology can supply separators in all sizes. A stainless steel separator is also possible. Before purchasing a separator, it is important to determine the capacity and arrangement.

The grease separators from Diederen Afwateringstechniek

With us you can count on professional and professional advice about the separator that you need. We can deliver the separators in the choice of materials of your wish and ordering is very easy in our webshop. Therefore, please contact us for your separator and request a quote or order in the webshop. We guarantee a good quality separator that meets the required certification.

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